Pest Management

Four WSU grad students selected for 2023-2024 ASEV scholarships

Four WSU graduate students are among the 25 individuals selected to receive highly competitive scholarships from the American Society for Enology and Viticulture.

Collage of a photo of four students. One stands next to a road, one is standing in a field, holding a bucket and equipment with a pickup truck, a driveway, and a line of trees behind, one is standing in front of wine barrels, and one is a professional head shot.

New endowed chair role helps longtime Extension scientist support better pest control

Todd Murray has been named the Norman Ehmann Endowed Chair in Urban Pest Management, where he’ll do research and educate the urban pest management industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Murray, standing outside on tree-lined walk, with arms crossed.

WSU, Wine Commission celebrate new science center with industry

The Washington State University Viticulture and Enology Program and the Washington State Wine Commission welcomed the wine and grape industry to their new Ste. Michelle Wine Estates WSU Wine Science Center on Friday, June 5, to celebrate the grand opening.

The wine industry has played a major role in funding the new facility and will continue recommending research funding priorities for the program.

Elise Jackson, Barnard Griffin tasting room manager and WSU business and marketing alumna, receives a glass of celebratory sparkling wine from Les Walker, who graduated from the Viticulture and Enology Program last December.

WSU’s On Solid Ground – Struvite, Cattle Fertility, New Apple – March 13, 2013

Comprehensive Effort to Create Sustainable Fertilizers Phosphorus recycled from human and animal waste for plant fertilizer could ease demand for the dwindling, increasingly expensive rock-mined element. Scientists at WSU have found plants flourish with struvite, a waste ingredient composed of magnesium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Teamed with Multiform Harvest, a Seattle phosphorous recovery company, the researchers […]

The Heat Is On: WSU Food Engineer Works to Commercialize Radio Frequency Treatments for Insect Pest Control

PULLMAN, Wash.—The irony probably wasn’t lost on Washington State University food engineer Juming Tang. Tang recently opened a bottle of lotus seeds to put in soup and smelled mold, a telltale sign that insect pests had already begun eating without him. Larvae hatched from eggs laid in the seeds create a moist environment for the […]

WSU Entomologist Coauthors New Book on Life Histories of Pacific Northwest Butterflies

PROSSER, Wash.—The California Sister has “fangs” as a caterpillar that it bares when disturbed. In its juvenile form, it also builds piers from its own dung on the leaves it feeds on to rest and possibly to avoid small insect predators. The hardy Coronis Fritillary migrates up to 200 miles from low to high elevations […]

WSU Works with Multi-State Team to Combat Spotted Wing Drosophila

PROSSER, Wash. — Fueled by a $1.2 million USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant, Washington State University has mobilized a large interdisciplinary team of scientists and Extension educators to try to beat back the rapid encroachment of spotted wing drosophila.