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Tag: Entomology

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Fresh from WSU Extension: Freeze damage to crops; Giant hornets; flour food safety

Latest guides help farmers, landowners, beekeepers, and food preparers improve practices.

Confirmation of monarch butterfly breeding in winter shows hope for western population

WSU researcher finds western monarch butterflies can successfully breed and maintain populations on ornamental milkweeds during winter at urban sites in the South Bay of…

Extension educator Wendy Sue Wheeler earns President’s Award from stewardship alliance

Extension Coordinator honored for her involvement in helping people and agriculture manage chemicals safely and sustainably

Laundry study to keep pesticide applicators clean and safe

Carol Black cares about work-place safety. That’s especially true in her job as a pesticide education specialist at Washington State University. To keep workers safe,…

CAHNRS Faculty Feature: Jeb Owen

We asked several CAHNRS Ambassadors, excellent students who love WSU and their college, to name their favorite or most influential professors. And now we’re featuring…

Liquid nitrogen freezing is key to bee conservation

WSU researchers travel around Europe collecting material from honey bees to help diversify the honey bee gene pool here in the U.S.

WSU’s On Solid Ground – SOD, Food Science Online, Insect Expo – April 10, 2013

Stopping the Spread of Sudden Oak Death Sudden Oak Death (SOD) has killed millions of oak trees in California, but since receiving its common name…

WSU’s On Solid Ground – Biofuels, Stink Bug, Food System – March 27, 2013

Beyond Biofuel: Expanding the Possibilities from Algae Extraction The potential value of an industry based on extracting fuel from algae could be even greater than…

High-tech Insect Traps, Cherry Breeding, Morrill Act

Automated Insect Traps Aim to Simplify Pest Detection Insect traps can be an orchardist’s best friend, giving early notice of emerging threats to fruit. But…

Tropical & Dryland Biofuels, Size Matters

On the Matter of Size In the animal kingdom, huge weapons such as elk antlers or ornaments like peacock feathers are sexy. Their extreme size…
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