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MANRRS members

Scholarships, connections help WSU minority students become leaders in agriculture

WSU students are helping change the face of agriculture through involvement in MANRRS.
A group of people touch glasses of champaign together in a circle.

Young adults’ alcohol use increases when casually dating

When young adults are more interested in socializing and casually dating, they tend to drink more alcohol, according to a new paper led by a Washington State University professor. On the other hand, scientists found…
Two hands hold dark purple wine grapes with white ooze indicating a mealy bug infection.

Disrupting mealybug mating may help protect vineyards from grapevine leafroll disease

Prosser, WA – The grape mealybug has plagued Washington wine grape growers for decades. Researchers at Washington State University are launching a study with synthetic sex pheromones to disrupt mealybug mating—and, hopefully, the damage mealybugs…
Shopping carts lined up going off into the distance

Consumers will pay more for ready‑to‑eat meals made with fewer ingredients

Consumers care about the technology and ingredients used in microwavable dinners will pay more for ready‑to‑eat meals showing few ingredients.
Crop tour

Weed scientist known for helping others is new WSU Crop and Soil Science chair

Solving problems and helping people is what led Drew Lyon into his career. This Washington State University weed scientist also loves figuring out how plants work. Drew Lyon points out the differences between similar weeds…
A brunette woman in a black jacket stands in front of a vineyard.

WSU student lands FFAR Fellowship to support viticulture research, professional development

Horticulture doctoral candidate Alexa McDaniel has been awarded a Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellowship, which will support her growth as a leader and professional, while fostering the connection between WSU and the…
Potato field day

June 24: WSU researchers to lead Non-Traditional Potato Field Day

Modifying their traditional field day, WSU potato researchers will safely share 2021 seed trial results.
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