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Wild Washington yeast strains might be beneficial for winemakers

Researchers at Washington State University’s School of Food Science are analyzing hundreds of Saccharomyces yeasts taken from vineyards all over Washington state, to determine what…

William Pan, collaborative soil scientist and mentor, looks back on 36 years at WSU

Soil scientist and mentor William Pan retires after three decades of research, leadership

Demand grows for WSU graduates in agriculture, sustainability

WSU students developing skills in agriculture can look forward to strong career prospects

Teamwork closes a loop to help farmers and consumers

WSU assembled a team of scientists to study how berry growers in Whatcom County can put dairy farm waste to use in their fields.

Jan 11-14: Soil Health: Measuring and Managing

The WSU Farmers Network hosts a Soil Health webinar series, Jan. 11-14 via Zoom.

Participants invited to help launch new Western Urban, Indoor, and Emerging Agriculture initiative

Help launch a multi-state effort supporting new and better ways to grow and market food in homes, urban communities.

Jan. 22: Online Family Foresters Workshop shares technology, skills for forest professionals

Family forests are vital to the economy and quality of life in the Inland Northwest.

Career transition for researcher focused on life changes

Matthew Bumpus takes over as chair of WSU’s Department of Human Development on January 1.

A decade-long, globe-trotting search for a better Christmas tree

Plant Pathologist Gary Chastagner studies promising varieties to solve a deadly disease challenge

WSU researchers studying spread of red blotch virus in vineyards

RICHLAND, Wa. – Grapevine red blotch disease spreads through vineyards and blotches leaves, shrinking wine and juice grape harvests. Researchers at WSU’s Ste. Michelle Wine…
Showing page 1 of 270