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Tag: Wheat

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New guides from Extension: Weed control, dairy-defending raptors, and hard cider chemistry

Learn about Washington cider's unique chemistry, plus pest-fighting birds of prey, weeds of wheat

Fresh from WSU Extension: Freeze damage to crops; Giant hornets; flour food safety

Latest guides help farmers, landowners, beekeepers, and food preparers improve practices.

Doctoral graduate in Crop Sciences helps improve crops that feed the world

As a Crop Sciences PhD student, Karansher Sandhu helped improve grain yields and nutritional quality.

Free guides from Extension: Growing rhubarb, fighting prickly lettuce in wheat

Latest free guides help home gardeners, wheat producers.

CAHNRS Faculty Feature: Arron Carter

We asked several CAHNRS Ambassadors, excellent students who love WSU and their college, to name their favorite professors. Here, we're showcasing Arron Carter, professor and…

Breeding better wheat

Earlier this year I went to a fundraiser where I bought a bag of Glee flour. Glee is a variety of hard red spring wheat…

Designing new food products

Today‚Äôs snack food aisle in the grocery store contains a lot more products than when I was a kid. Back then, we mainly had potato…

Progress in Fighting Wheat Rust

Scientists have been hard at work in recent years combating a significant disease of wheat. Stem rust is caused by a group of nasty fungal…

WSU’s On Solid Ground – Antibacterial Microbes, Legume Flour – Feb. 27, 2013

Natural Soil Antibiotics Offer Potential Alternative to Farm Chemicals Research at WSU shows that several naturally-occurring antibiotics can control root disease and promote crop health,…

The Hardest Wheat Turned Soft by Science

Eighty years ago my mother was in grade school where schoolroom paste was made by mixing a little flour and water together. Memories of that…
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