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Cultivating veterans: Finding peace with a shovel and pitchfork

Sequim, WASH. – Military veterans on the Olympic Peninsula are healing invisible wounds of war by digging in the dirt. They are part of a trend taking root across the country called agrotherapy, which helps veterans not only overcome difficulties like post-traumatic stress syndrome but also gain skills to help support themselves and their families.

WSU Emphasizes its Neutral Position on Initiative 522

Download an official copy of this statement. September 12, 2013 The purpose of this communication is to state officially and publically that Washington State University, as an institution, along with the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, is neutral on Initiative 522 (I-522). Washington State University does not take a stance on the […]

Washington Cherry, Stone Fruit Growers Approve $5 Million Special Project Assessment to Support WSU Research, Extension

PULLMAN, Wash. – Cherry and stone fruit growers throughout the state have agreed to make a $5 million investment over the next eight years at Washington State University research and extension centers in Prosser and Wenatchee. This builds on a similar measure voted on by apple and pear growers in 2011 to galvanize cooperation between […]

In study of organic apparel, everyone has their price

PULLMAN, Wash. – Dr. Joan Ellis holds up two white cotton tees printed with state college logos. The t-shirts appear identical, but one is sourced from conventional cotton and the other from organic. Would that difference, Ellis and her colleagues wondered, change the price consumers are willing to pay for the shirts?

Pesticide Use Rises as Herbicide-resistant Weeds Undermine Performance of Major GE Crops, New WSU Study Shows

PULLMAN, Wash. — A study published this week by Washington State University research professor Charles Benbrook finds that the use of herbicides in the production of three genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops — cotton, soybeans and corn — has actually increased. This counterintuitive finding is based on an exhaustive analysis of publicly available data from the […]