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WSU Monarch Butterfly Project Underway with Help from Washington State Penitentiary Offenders

WALLA WALLA, Wash.—Gilbert London stands in front of a blue plastic food-storage barrel converted into a Monarch butterfly-rearing cage. Inside, roughly two dozen opaque-green chrysalises hang from milkweed plants like living jewels. In roughly 10 days, the chrysalises London helped to raise will yield the iconic adult butterflies with orange-and-black wings. He and five other […]

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WSU Scientists Use Flower Power to Combat Orchard Menace Apple orchards are intricate webs involving a delicate balance between trees, soils, water, insects and more. To manage the pests that can potentially damage a crop of apples, a grower might apply a pesticide. There are several problems associated with pesticide use, though, including risks to […]

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Making the Case for Oilseed Production in Eastern Washington Farmers in eastern Washington’s high rainfall zone who are interested in producing oilseed crops now have an opportunity to learn from the experiences of those already doing so. A new, free publication relates the experiences of five eastern Washington farmers growing canola, mustard, and winter rape. […]

WSU Entomologist Coauthors New Book on Life Histories of Pacific Northwest Butterflies

PROSSER, Wash.—The California Sister has “fangs” as a caterpillar that it bares when disturbed. In its juvenile form, it also builds piers from its own dung on the leaves it feeds on to rest and possibly to avoid small insect predators. The hardy Coronis Fritillary migrates up to 200 miles from low to high elevations […]