Naidu Rayapati

USDA undersecretary encounters research for specialty crops at Prosser

A U.S. Department of Agriculture visit shares grant-funded advances in smart technology, virus-free plants, biotic and abiotic stresses, and training the next-generation workforce.

WSDA and USDA Prosser visit 2024

Rayapati helps Hispanic, Native American students grow STEM careers through $2.5 million grant

Dr. Naidu Rayapati Naidu Rayapati, scientist and director at Washington State University’s Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) at Prosser, has joined a $2.5 million effort helping Hispanic and Native American students build careers…

Naidu in vineyard

Education helps Nepalese farmers strengthen seed supply, protect crops

Strengthening seeds and crops against devastating diseases to help local farmers achieve food security, work by an international team of scientists is bearing fruit in Nepal. For more than five years, Naidu Rayapati, WSU plant pathologist, IAREC director and CAHNRS assistant dean at WSU Tri-Cities, has partnered with scientists at Virginia Tech’s IPM Innovation Lab, funded by USAID’s […]

Head shot of Rayapati

Flower Power, Small Bites, People, Events

WSU Scientists Use Flower Power to Combat Orchard Menace Apple orchards are intricate webs involving a delicate balance between trees, soils, water, insects and more. To manage the pests that can potentially damage a crop of apples, a grower might apply a pesticide. There are several problems associated with pesticide use, though, including risks to […]

Fast, Cheap, and Accurate: Improved Virus Detecting Test Helps Check Spread of Cassava Disease

PROSSER, Wash. — The Nigerian poet and novelist Flora Nwapa calls it “Mother Cassava.” A fundamental staple in the diet of nearly a billion people, the cassava plant produces a root that is processed in a wide variety of ways to produce foods and beverages. After rice and beans, cassava is the most important subsistence […]

Wine in China, Grapevine Fanleaf Disease, Grapevine Moth

WSU Economists Explore the Chinese Market for Wine Economists at Washington State University are investigating ways to market Washington wine to the growing Chinese consumer market. The research consists of examining Chinese preferences for wine from different countries coupled with economic experiments, said economics professor Jill McCluskey. “It is important to understand Chinese consumers’ preferences […]