Air pollution knows no borders

We’ve all seen globes in classrooms. They represent the Earth well — better than flat maps can do. But all the globes I’ve seen in schools have national boundaries on them, usually indicated by having nations in different colors. The U.S. is yellow, Canada is light green, Mexico is pink, and so on. When I […]

A Dino Growing at Record Speeds

We live in a time in which most animals are relatively small. If you think back to your exposure to the Ice Age, perhaps in elementary school, you may remember big mammals like the mastodon and the saber tooth tiger.

The Downside of Good Fortune

The rates of China’s economic growth are often reported in a wide variety of sectors. But China is experiencing another bonanza, too. It doesn’t get the headlines commanded by economic figures, but it catches the attention of geologists and anyone with an interest in the history of life on Earth. What’s at issue is the […]

Wine in China, Grapevine Fanleaf Disease, Grapevine Moth

WSU Economists Explore the Chinese Market for Wine Economists at Washington State University are investigating ways to market Washington wine to the growing Chinese consumer market. The research consists of examining Chinese preferences for wine from different countries coupled with economic experiments, said economics professor Jill McCluskey. “It is important to understand Chinese consumers’ preferences […]

WSU Student, Faculty Designers Tibet/China-Bound

SPOKANE, Wash. – A team of Washington State University architecture, landscape architecture and interior design faculty and students are bound for China and Tibet this May to get a rare look at how people there design, furnish and occupy their homes. Led by Professor Nancy Blossom, director of the Interdisciplinary Design Institute at WSU Spokane, […]

Wahl Named to China Relations Council Board of Directors

PULLMAN, Wash. ­ Thomas I. Wahl, director of the International Marketing Program for Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) Center at Washington State University, has been named to the Washington State China Relations Council Board of Directors. Wahl’s extensive work with China’s agricultural industry through the IMPACT Center and WSU earned him a seat on the […]