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Earth’s Next Epoch

The activities of people are now shaping the Earth so strongly that geologists are considering giving the current time period a whole new name in…

To feed or not to feed?

Does it help birds in the long run to feed them on a winter's day? Recent science weighs in.

Fat and the year you were born

Being fat has been linked to a variant of a gene, but new research indicates the year you were born is also a factor.

Better ways to clear snow and ice

Winter driving can be hazardous, but new and greener approaches to combating icy pavement are on the way.

Let the sun shine in

This is a dark time of year -- and that influences the amount of Vitamin D in our bodies. Here's the scoop on some recent…

All that glitters is not (pure) gold

Recently I had the pleasure of going to the wedding celebration of my assistant at work — whom I count as a good friend —…

Ancient climate change

Climate change dates back to ancient times. Here's new evidence on the timing of climate change and population collapse in Europe in the late Bronze…

Seas on Titan and your heating bill

If only I could run my natural gas furnace using a little bit of the methane found on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Keeping warm with gold fever

Here's fuel for daydreams of finding enormous gold nuggets when the weather improves.

Harvesting energy from sunlight

What if there were a two-for-one sale on kilowatts? Your power bill would be cut in half — not a bad result for your monthly…
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