WSU Extension’s National Energy Summit is April 7-10 in Seattle

Everett, Wash. — Join Extension professionals and renewable energy advocates at the National Extension Energy Summit, April 7 to 10 in Seattle. Learn about sustainable and renewable energy, home and farm energy efficiency and biomass energy programs. Speakers include KC Golden, senior policy advisor at Northwest-based Climate Solutions; Heidi VanGenderen, Director of Public Engagement in […]

Harvesting energy from sunlight

What if there were a two-for-one sale on kilowatts? Your power bill would be cut in half — not a bad result for your monthly budget. Energy drives everything we produce and consume, and global energy consumption continues to grow year after year. The two-for-one image came to mind as I talked with Professor Jeanne […]

A New Source of Natural Gas

The name “natural gas” might be a puzzle. After all, how could there be such a thing as unnatural gas? The reason we call natural gas what we do has to do with history. There was a day that people made burnable gas by heating coal. The gases that came off the coal were piped […]

The Bridge Fuel

To a geologist like me, it was most notable by its absence in the political campaigns that lurched to their conclusions in November. I’m talking about an energy plan with real teeth, one that addresses everything from national security to the cost of energy to greenhouse warming of the planet.

Heat Long Puzzled Science

Hot enough for you? I’ve been thinking about heat lately, and not just because of the nation’s mostly torrid weather. We all can easily verify that hot air rises – when you change a light bulb near the ceiling of your living room, you find the air up there is warmer than it is near […]