WSU scientists present whisky research to international audience at Scotland conference

An invitation to the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference in Edinburgh offered two Washington State University Tri-Cities researchers a chance to present their findings on whisky aromas while experiencing Scotland for the first time.

Whiskey being poured from a bottle into a glass.

Travel journal: Willamette Valley winery & vineyard tour

Since 2009, the Washington State University Viticulture and Enology Program has been touring Washington’s American Viticulture Areas to introduce our graduates to the unique characteristics, growers and winemakers of these areas. In May, the tour series jumped the state line for the second time, taking participants to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Not only pairing fun with new friendships and great wine with food, WSU’s vineyard and winery tours provide valuable, direct education by combining learning with unforgettable personal connections.

Voice of the Vine: vineyards & butterflies, wine ed bill passes, France tour, Wine Library submissions, Cheers! (May 2015)

Vineyard natural habitats assist with butterfly comeback | Bill for enology, viticulture programs signed into law | Travel journal: Southern France winery & vineyard tour | Submit wines to the WSU Wine Science Center Library | Cheers! column

Lemons and Lemonade, Big Prize, Wine Cruise

When Life Hands You Lemons… When life hands you lemons of any sort, said WSU enologist Jim Harbertson in a recent talk to vineyard managers and winemakers, make lemonade. The metaphorical lemons being grapes from vines infected with grapevine leafroll virus — a serious problem that is best dealt with by ripping out infected plants […]

Water, South America, Clore Center

Smart Vine: Grapevines Adapt to Changing Water Supply Years of intense research in the arid wine-grape growing region of eastern Washington has taught growers how plants react to various irrigation regimes. Water is such a valuable resource its known as “blue gold,” so this research has been a vital component of growers’ success in producing […]