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Build a better puff: WSU scientist fights obesity by adding fiber to puffed snacks

Tumbling hot and crackling from a big steel puffing machine, the snacks in Girish Ganjyal’s lab look and taste like any other puff. But these puffs are different. Using carrots, apples, cherries and cranberries, Ganjyal, a Washington State University food researcher, is making puffed snacks and cereals with a high-fiber nutrition boost that could help […]

Ganjyal holds a puff made in the WSU extrusion lab.

WSU Team Leads National Effort to Build “Breeding Roadmap” for Raspberries

PUYALLUP, Wash. – It takes a long time – 14 years on average – to develop a new cultivar of red raspberry using traditional methods, and even then, breeders can’t always accomplish what growers and consumers want. Understanding consumer and grower needs and refining breeding processes to develop cultivars that meet those needs is the […]