Undergraduate Research

Kombucha fashion: WSU student makes handbag from fermented tea

WSU student Rowena Gonzalez used fermented tea and the film it produces to create an alternative, sustainable material for apparel, and made a purse from kombucha.

A woman holds two yellow-ish pieces of fabric in her hands. A purse that appears to be made of leather sits on the table in front of her.

Student Winemakers, Wi Sci Center, Scholarships, Italy

Six Pack of WSU Students Team Up to Make Premium Wines A handful of juniors and seniors majoring in viticulture and enology at WSU Tri-Cities are engaged in a winemaking project that takes them from the vineyard to the winery and beyond. Their capstone course involves every aspect of the winemaking process, said Thomas Henick-Kling, […]

Weather, Grapes, Undergrads in Labs

WSU’s AgWeatherNet Team Tests State-of-the-Art Weather Prediction Model for Freeze Events Washington tree fruit growers are often at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to weather. Case in point: the severe thunderstorms of July 20 that, in some areas of south-central Washington, battered apple crops with golf ball-sized hail, leaving some orchards with […]

Flight of the Alkali Bee, People at Work, Dirt!, Climate Change – WSU’s Green Times, June 7, 2012

Flight of the Alkali Bee Can a bee learn to fly over, instead of across, a busy highway? WSU entomologist Douglas Walsh is working with the Washington State Department of Transportation to find out. Walsh will study alkali bees and their flight around a stretch of U.S. Highway 12 in central Washington to help WSDOT […]

Dozens of Undergraduate Researchers Involved in Study of Importance of Big Trees

Over 34,000 trees were identified, mapped, and tagged in one of the largest studies conducted to date of the importance of big trees in temperate forests. Trees three feet in diameter and larger comprise nearly half the biomass accounted for at a Yosemite National Park site but represented only one percent of the trees in […]