Mark Swanson

Dozens of Undergraduate Researchers Involved in Study of Importance of Big Trees

Over 34,000 trees were identified, mapped, and tagged in one of the largest studies conducted to date of the importance of big trees in temperate forests. Trees three feet in diameter and larger comprise nearly half the biomass accounted for at a Yosemite National Park site but represented only one percent of the trees in […]

Orchard Pest, Clean Plants, Bighorn Sheep

WSU Scientists Use Flower Power to Combat Orchard Menace Apple orchards are intricate webs involving a delicate balance between trees, soils, water, insects, and more. To manage the pests that can potentially damage a crop of apples, growers often apply pesticides. There are several problems associated with pesticide use, though, including risks to environmental and […]

WSU Study Examines Forest Fire Suppression Effects on Bighorn Sheep Habitat

PULLMAN, Wash. – Bighorn sheep in northern Washington are not thriving the way they should, and Washington State University faculty members are working to figure out why. Bighorn sheep were reintroduced into the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area in the northern reaches of the state in the 1950s; today there are about 100, according to Mark Swanson, […]