Wildfire awareness: Forestry scientists share lessons to understand, adapt to realities of fire

Wildfire is a perennial challenge for Washington and the west. Learn about the risk of fire, and how to defend and restore balance in the landscape, with help from WSU and Extension foresters.   Lessons…

Grand Coulee fire

July 14: Extension Forestry webinar examines ecology of wildfire

Forest plants grow after a prescribed fire, which can reduce understory fuels and prevent more damaging wildfires. WSU experts and partners will lead an upcoming webinar on fire ecology. WSU Extension Foresters will help eastern…

After a prescribed fire

Market sale set, 4-H donations taken after fires halt county fair

REPUBLIC, Wash. – In her two decades as a 4-H leader in Ferry County, Kari Neal has never seen a fire season like this. Even in 1988, with the White Mountain fire raging on nearby Sherman Pass, the Ferry County Fair went on as usual. “The kids had sooty ash falling on their animals, which […]

Kate McCloskey, WSU Spokane County 4-H program coordinator, delivers a load of farm feed and hay for fire-affected families in Okanogan County (Photo by Ann Fagerlie/WSU Extension).

Fighting wildfires economically complex, says WSU researcher

Fighting wildfires is expensive. Firefighters must be paid and equipment must be purchased and transported to fires. Operations and maintenance cost money.
According to a WSU researcher, the incentives to lower those costs are out of balance, and the researchers are working to understand the sources of the incentive problems.

Firewise Communities Workshop a Source of Practical Advice on Reducing Losses from Wildfires

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Firewise Communities Workshop is a free hands-on interactive educational event for anyone interested in how to reduce the risks to life and property to wildfire in the wildland/urban interface. That includes city and county officials, land planners, fire professionals, landowners and anyone involved in planning or protecting communities from fire.