Fighting wildfires economically complex, says WSU researcher

Fighting wildfires is expensive. Firefighters must be paid and equipment must be purchased and transported to fires. Operations and maintenance cost money.
According to a WSU researcher, the incentives to lower those costs are out of balance, and the researchers are working to understand the sources of the incentive problems.

WSU’s Transportation Research Group Chosen by USDA to do National Study

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University has signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help the USDA and the U.S. Department of Transportation develop a comprehensive study of rural transportation issues. The study will be done with the USDA’s Transportation Services Division. “They felt we had the skills and background and […]

Federal Funding Launches Regional Freight Transportation Center

PULLMAN, Wash. — Economists and engineers at Washington State University, the University of Washington and North Dakota State University are forming a regional freight transportation center to study issues that transcend state borders, thanks to $500,000 just received from the Federal Highway Administration. “As we look to combining the expertise at three different universities, I […]

Rural Roads, Bridges Need Help

PULLMAN, Wash. — Despite recent improvements, the condition of rural roads and bridges across the state continues to deteriorate, according to the findings of a recent survey of county engineers. “Even though counties have been able to make some improvements during the past five years, we’re really concerned about a potential collapse of the rural […]

Transportation Forum May 13 at Moses Lake

PULLMAN, Wash. — Results of a six-year Washington State University study of transportation issues facing Washington and a discussion of legislative direction for transportation funding will be the focus of the Eastern Washington Intermodal Transportation Study Forum, Wednesday, May 13, in the Wallenstein Theater at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake. Invited speakers include […]

NAFTA Costly to State Roads

Pullman, Wash. The North American Free Trade Agreement is exacting a hidden toll on Washington’s highways, a new transportation study has found. Increased truck traffic attributed to NAFTA trade may cut the useful lives of main north-south truck routes by 30 percent or more and there is no way for the state to recover a […]