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Webinar helps eastern Washington forest owners learn how to recover from wildfire

Forest trees burned in a smoky forest fireWSU Extension Foresters host the Road to Recovery Post-Fire Information Webinar, 6 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Held in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the webinar shares brief presentations on a range of forest management topics and strategies.

Topics include tree survivability, bank stabilization, salvage logging and post-fire timber management, reforestation, noxious weeds, recovery assistance, and other post-fire forest health concerns.

A question and answer session with experts follows.

This program is aimed at landowners in Northeast Washington, but is relevant to most eastern Washington private forests.

Register at the WSU Extension forestry webinar site.

Media Contacts

Sean Alexander, NE Washington Extension Forester, (509) 684-2588