Lisa Shipley

Orchard Pest, Clean Plants, Bighorn Sheep

WSU Scientists Use Flower Power to Combat Orchard Menace Apple orchards are intricate webs involving a delicate balance between trees, soils, water, insects, and more. To manage the pests that can potentially damage a crop of apples, growers often apply pesticides. There are several problems associated with pesticide use, though, including risks to environmental and […]

Endangered Rabbit Beats the Odds

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University researchers feel like long-shot lottery winners after discovering that endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits are once again breeding in the wild in Washington. Len Zeoli, a WSU doctoral student in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences, was shocked recently while doing field studies to see a young pygmy rabbit […]

WSU Researchers Study Mule Deer Nutrition, Reproduction

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: A number of fawns are being hand-fed on a daily basis on the Pullman campus as part of this research. Reporters/photographers are welcome to participate in the feedings. PULLMAN, Wash. — Is poor nutrition contributing to a decrease in the number of mule deer in the Pacific Northwest? That is a question researchers […]