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Auction of Washington Wines event raises more than $150,000 for WSU wine science research

WSU wine science faculty, staff, and students joined vintners and other wine industry members for the 2024 Auction of Washington Wines Private Barrel Auction.

The back of a person standing at a podium on a stage with his hand outstretched to rows of seated bidders. Behind and to the side of the seated individuals are stacked barrels of wine and large wine tanks.

The Mystery of the Fall Colors, Clones, Celebrate Washington Wine

Disease Detectives Tackle the Mystery of the Fall Colors WSU plant pathologist Naidu Rayapati and his colleagues are carefully unraveling the intricate biochemistry and molecular biology of grapevine leafroll disease. Grapevine leafroll is a complex viral disease that can cause a marked decline in grapevine vigor, grape quality, and fruit productivity, according to Rayapati. The […]

Legends, Auction, From Vineyard to Winery

Gordon Hill Selected as Legends Winemaker Gordon Hill, longtime Washington enologist and, currently, winemaker with Milbrandt Vineyards Winery, was selected as winemaker for the 2010 Legends of Washington Wine event. The Legends event, scheduled for August 28 at WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, annually honors an inductee into the Washington Wine […]

Auction Success, Grape Knowledge, AgWeatherNet

Wine Auction a Major Success Thanks to everyone who supported this year’s Celebrate Washington Wine gala fundraiser by donating to the auction, attending, and participating in the new online auction. The ninth annual dinner and auction at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville was a sellout and brought in more than $240,000 to benefit the […]

Vine Nitrogen, Women in Wine, V&E Benefit Gala, Washington Wines Top Best-of Lists

WSU Grad Student’s Research Tackles Vineyard Nitrogen Puzzle Getting the nitrogen right in wine-grape vineyards is tricky. Nitrogen is essential for plant development and growth. However, too much nitrogen applied early in the growing season may result in overly vigorous vine canopies. A thick canopy, though lovely to look at, shades the young berries and […]

The Mendoza Connection, Cold Hardiness Reloaded, Raise a Glass, The Hammer Drops

Argentinean Grad Student Puts Irrigation Research to the Test When Daniela Romero heard WSU’s Markus Keller talking about irrigation during grape ripening, her curiosity was piqued. After all, applying water close to harvest time was simply not done. Keller was teaching a grape physiology course at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, deep in […]

Virus Fighters, Research Vineyard, Wine Tasting, Auction

Iraq War Vet Comes Home to Wine Country “The U.S. Army is a 200-plus-year-old organization,” said WSU viticulture and enology student Andrew Schultz. “They know something about leadership and teamwork. That’s why I served.” The former radar operations sergeant served in the Army for four years, including 16 months in Iraq, before returning to civilian […]

Berry Shrivel, Fining, Tasting, Wine Auction

Beating the Berry Shrivel Blues The bright sunny days and cool nights of autumn so perfect for ripening wine grapes in Washington may also be fostering a vineyard villain — berry shrivel, according to Markus Keller, Chateau Ste. Michelle Distinguished Professor of Viticulture at WSU’s Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center at Prosser. Characterized by […]

Micronutrients, Co-fermentation, Wine Auction

A Pinch of This, a Dash of That – WSU Research Studies Micronutrients in Grapes When humans don’t get enough Vitamin C, we can get sick with scurvy. The same is true of plants. Micronutrients such as boron, zinc and copper, although only a tiny part of a plant’s diet, can have a profound effect […]

V&E Education, Celebrate Washington Wine

WSU Program Features Science and Business of Wine For more information on viticulture and enology at WSU, please visit To hear what WSU students are saying about our program in viticulture and enology, check out this short video: Thomas Henick-Kling has no difficulty explaining what sets Washington State University’s wine program apart from […]