Joan Davenport

Juice Grape Producers to Rate Sustainability with WSU ‘Report Card’

PROSSER, Wash.—Washington State University is developing an assessment to help state juice grape growers determine the sustainability of their operations. The “Washington State Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card” is the first step toward statewide efforts to define and support sustainable growing practices on more than 26,000 acres of Washington’s Concord and Niagara vineyards.

Mapping Complexity, Connections, Science Matters

WSU Grad Student Is Mapping Complexity in Washington Wine Country As you read this, a graduate student in Prosser is sitting in front of his computer, for the umpteen millionth hour, bashing his head against the mapmaker’s perennial problem: the map can never be as detailed as the terrain it represents. But that doesn’t mean […]

Micronutrients, Co-fermentation, Wine Auction

A Pinch of This, a Dash of That – WSU Research Studies Micronutrients in Grapes When humans don’t get enough Vitamin C, we can get sick with scurvy. The same is true of plants. Micronutrients such as boron, zinc and copper, although only a tiny part of a plant’s diet, can have a profound effect […]

Clean Plants, New AVA, Collaborative Support

WSU and the National Clean Plant Network Just one of two regional services in the United States, WSU’s Northwest Grape Foundation Service grows over 125 varieties and is regularly adding more. Learn more about the Northwest Grape Foundation Service by visiting Learn more about WSU’s effort to fight diseases in the vineyard and educate […]

A Celebration of Washington Wines, White Wine Quality, Expect Perfect Pairings

Eighth Annual Wine Auction Hits $1 Million Net Milestone for WSU V&E Program Ste. Michelle Wine Estates’ Ted Baseler raises a toast to the $1 million milestone. Photo credit: Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic Generous bidding at the 2009 “A Celebration of Washington Wines” made this year’s event the eighth consecutive success. Proceeds help support […]

Cold Hardiness, White Wine Quality

Cold Hardiness System Gives Growers a Warm Feeling Visit the Grape Cold Hardiness Web site: The site has year-round value for grape growers, including information on Powdery Mildew, precipitation, growing degree days, and evapotraspiration. Want the scientific low down on how Keller’s team is collecting cold-hardiness data? Fire up your browser and visit the […]

Economic Impact, Water Clore Center, Best Viticulture Paper

Wine Industry Has Premium Impact Washington’s wine industry has a national economic impact of $4.7 billion per year, according to a study released this month by MKF Research. The study was underwritten by the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, the Washington Wine Commission and other key organizations in the state’s wine and grape industry. […]