grapevine leafroll disease

WSU scientists offer research, advice for successful vineyard management

From unpredictable weather to pests and diseases, vineyard managers contend with a lot of challenges. Sessions at the recent WineVit conference showed that Washington State University scientists are determined to help Washington’s grape growers be successful and prosperous.

A panel of four sits in chairs. One speaks into a microphone and looks toward an individual standing at the podium. A black curtain is behind them.

Cold Hardiness Prediction, Leafroll Virus, Winemakers’ Tour

Cold-hardiness Prediction Model is (Almost) Ready for Grower Use For vineyard managers, watching the thermometer during eastern Washington winters is a bit like watching their charges dance the limbo: how low can they go? You don’t really want to find out; you just want to know in advance if you need to take frost protection […]

The Mystery of the Fall Colors, Clones, Celebrate Washington Wine

Disease Detectives Tackle the Mystery of the Fall Colors WSU plant pathologist Naidu Rayapati and his colleagues are carefully unraveling the intricate biochemistry and molecular biology of grapevine leafroll disease. Grapevine leafroll is a complex viral disease that can cause a marked decline in grapevine vigor, grape quality, and fruit productivity, according to Rayapati. The […]