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Viruses Aid and Abet to Overcome Plant Defenses WSU researchers have found that viruses will join forces to overcome a plant’s defenses and cause more severe infections that an individual pathogen. “These findings have important implications in our ability to control these viruses,” said Hanu Pappu, Sam Smith Distinguished Professor of Plant Virology and chair […]

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  Soil Microbes in Organic Farming Systems Are Under Researchers’ Microscope One of the goals of organic agriculture is to improve soil quality over time by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil. This is done by various means, including adding animal manure, leaving plant matter behind after vegetables and grains have been […]

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Cold-hardiness Prediction Model is (Almost) Ready for Grower Use For vineyard managers, watching the thermometer during eastern Washington winters is a bit like watching their charges dance the limbo: how low can they go? You don’t really want to find out; you just want to know in advance if you need to take frost protection […]