School of Economic Sciences

Using satellite images to measure impact of longer growing season

WSU researchers will use a new grant from NASA to scour more than 20 years of imagery and learn whether the farming technique of double cropping is increasing in the state.

Dozens of square, rectangular, and circular shapes, almost all in different shades of green.

WSU to lead national AI research institute for agriculture

WSU will lead a multi-institutional research institute to develop artificial intelligence solutions to tackle agriculture challenges related to labor, water, weather, and climate change.

Six men stand in an orchard looking at a drone, which is held by one of the six men.

Udall scholar looks to economics to help her tribal community

Jonnie Bray has seen systemic poverty while working in the Native American legal system. She enrolled at WSU to help expand opportunities for her community.

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ACA results in fewer low-income uninsured, but non-urgent ER visits haven’t changed

There’s been a large reduction in uninsured low-income, rural residents in the last 10 years, but the likelihood of repeated visits to ERs for non-urgent reasons hasn’t decreased.

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