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ACA results in fewer low-income uninsured, but non-urgent ER visits haven’t changed

There’s been a large reduction in uninsured low-income, rural residents in the last 10 years, but the likelihood of repeated visits to ERs for non-urgent reasons hasn’t decreased.

Portrait photo of Bidisha Mandal

Theme of Northwest’s Largest Conferences on Rural Health March 29-31 Is “Retrofitting for Reform”

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Northwest’s largest conference on rural health takes place March 29 through 31, drawing health professionals from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park in Spokane, Wash.. Building on the theme “Retrofitting for Reform,” experts and community leaders will present new strategies and innovations […]

Veteran WSU Extension Specialist Named AHEC Director

SPOKANE, Wash. – Chris Blodgett, long-time associate scientist and Extension specialist, is the new director of Washington State University Extension’s Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center. AHEC, like its sister organizations around the country, focuses on the education and training of the health professions, recruitment, and retention, especially for rural and underserved communities. It also […]