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WSU’s On Solid Ground – Biofuels, Stink Bug, Food System – March 27, 2013

Beyond Biofuel: Expanding the Possibilities from Algae Extraction The potential value of an industry based on extracting fuel from algae could be even greater than expected by adding dietary supplements such as DHA and lutein to its list of products. Shulin Chen, professor in the WSU Department of Biological Systems Engineering, presented this innovative idea […]

Brett, VEEN, Airfield Estates, Wi Sci Center

Student Combines Temperature and Sulfur Dioxide to Control Brett in Wine Sulfur dioxide is one of the winemaker’s most familiar tools, helping control spoilage yeasts such as Brettanomyces and Zygosaccharomyces. When Brettanomyces, unaffectionately known as “Brett” among enologists, crosses a critical threshold, it imparts undesirable odors and flavors. Affected wines may have a spectrum of […]

Pixie Grape, Vineyards in Afghanistan, Preventing Virus Spread, Zino Forum, Students Win – June 28, 2012 – WSU’s Voice of the Vine

Regenerating Pixie is Important Step in Grasping Grape Genetics Graduate student Kathie Nicholson holds regenerated Pixie grape plants. Photo by Brian Charles Clark/WSU. Understanding the grape genome in all its vast variety will give growers…

White Wine Finish, New Issue of VEEN

Finish Your Wine: WSU Researchers Explore White Wine Finish and Consumer Preferences “I was teaching a sensory evaluation class which Emily Goodstein was in, and she got interested in time intensity — how long a sensation lingers on the palate,” said Carolyn Ross, an associate professor of food science at WSU and a leading sensory […]