Weed Science

Australian professor shares herbicide resistance knowledge during WSU visit

A recent visit from Australian professor Michael Walsh demonstrates that the key to helping WSU weed science researchers battle herbicide resistance could come from Down Under.

Weed scientist known for helping others is new WSU Crop and Soil Science chair

Solving problems and helping people is what led Drew Lyon into his career. This Washington State University weed scientist also loves figuring out how plants work. Drew Lyon points out the differences between similar weeds…

Crop tour

WSU weed scientist returns to Scotland for ‘superfruit’ study with UK berry breeders

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – When Washington State University weed scientist Tim Miller teamed up with fruit researchers in the United Kingdom last summer, he was hoping to learn how weeds affect the quality and nutritional value of raspberries. He will travel to the James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie, Scotland for a second year of berry […]

Washington State University to strengthen research-to-farming connection with newly endowed position

PULLMAN, Wash – The path of knowledge connecting university research labs to agricultural growers is being paved with a newly endowed position at Washington State University. Drew Lyon will be joining the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences as the Endowed Chair in Small Grains Extension and Research, Weed Science, starting Sept. 1.

Orchards of the Future, Infertility Research, Weed Scientist

Orchard of the Future — Think Automation In orchards and vineyards of the future, one sensor will measure the amount of photosynthetic energy being absorbed by tree and vine canopies at any time of day. Other sensors will record moisture levels from leaves and soil. A variable-rate irrigation system can then supply just the right […]

Pest Meets Match, Turfgrass, Weed Olympians

New Tree Fruit Pest Meets its Match In the course of a single year, a tiny insect has been damaging tree fruit around the globe. Spotted wing drosophila, or SWD, a type of vinegar or fruit fly, has been known in Japan, its home turf, for decades. The fly was first detected in the United […]