Field tour looks at hard-working grasses for the future, June 8

See experimental grasses and meet the scientists testing how they stand up to heavy wear, pollution, and extreme conditions.

Michael Neff- grass field day

Pest Meets Match, Turfgrass, Weed Olympians

New Tree Fruit Pest Meets its Match In the course of a single year, a tiny insect has been damaging tree fruit around the globe. Spotted wing drosophila, or SWD, a type of vinegar or fruit fly, has been known in Japan, its home turf, for decades. The fly was first detected in the United […]

Golf Course Class Room, Anerobic Disgestors Get Small

New WSU Course Fits Academic Needs to a Tee WSU’s newest academic facility features the largest state-of-the-science classroom and laboratory on campus — 315 acres large to be exact. It also has 18 holes and a pro shop. Palouse Ridge Golf Club, nestled among the rolling hills of the Palouse Prairie in eastern Washington, was […]

Biochar, AgWeatherNet, Friends of Turfgrass

Biochar Potential: Burning Waste into Gold As backyard barbecuers, we call it charcoal. Agricultural scientists looking for new ways to utilize woody waste call it biochar. Biochar is a carbonaceous product made by heating organic matter – usually woody materials – in a process called pyrolysis. When heated under low-oxygen conditions, organic material doesn’t combust […]

Endowed Turfgrass Professorship Comes to WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. — With an eye on the importance of research to its future, the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission will fund the endowed professor position in turfgrass management at Washington State University. WSU received a gift of nearly $300,000 from the commission to establish the turfgrass professorship. The gift gives WSU the opportunity to hire […]