April 5: 41st WSU Fashion Show celebrates the journey of student artisans

Seven months of student craft, creativity, and care go into “Artisan,” the 41st annual AMDT Fashion Show.

Yale with patterns

Master gardeners of the future: Evolving with the needs of the communities they serve

As the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program celebrates its 50th anniversary, volunteers are focusing on how they can support the program’s evolution over the next 50 years and beyond, all while helping sustain healthy and resilient communities.

A xeriscape garden with rockery, plants, and wood chips.

Seeds of a movement: 50 years ago, Master Gardeners began with WSU-trained volunteers

Now an intercontinental movement, the Extension Master Gardener Program began in Washington in the early 1970s. Above, several early program pioneers answer questions in a western Washington clinic in spring 1973. Clockwise from rear are…

'73 Garden Clinic.

Research working for WSU student

Hands-on experience. In almost any career, having that line on a resume is a huge benefit. When that career is wildlife ecology, just what you get your hands on can be pretty interesting. Take Taylor Schaeffer, a senior at WSU who majoring in wildlife ecology and a volunteer at the WSU Bear Research, Education, and […]

Two people kneel on the ground. The woman is holding a bear paw that is sticking out of a portable cage.

Volunteering a full-time joy

You know passion is involved when you’re willing to volunteer dozens of hours a week shoveling animal waste and slicing up fruit. It’s even more obvious when you would choose to devote more time to bear care if your schedule allowed. That’s how Kathryn Olstad feels about being a student volunteer at the WSU Bear […]

Olstad stands with her hands on her hips in a grass yard with a tree in the background.