Gary Chastagner

Methyl Bromide Alternatives, Raspberries

WSU Researchers Investigate Alternatives to Methyl Bromide Safe, cheap, and effective alternatives for methyl bromide, long sought by nursery seedling growers and other farmers, may be on the horizon. Ongoing research at Washington State University into antifungal plant species and a diagnostic test could help growers phase out their use of methyl bromide, a soil […]

Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh and Safe Throughout the Season

PUYALLUP, Wash. – The lots are open and shoppers are already buying and putting up their Christmas trees. What’s the secret to keeping a Christmas tree fresh through the holiday season? Be sure to provide it with plenty of water advises Washington State University plant pathologist and internationally recognized Christmas tree expert Gary Chastagner.

Finding a Better Control for Fusarium Root Rot in Douglas Fir

PULLMAN, Wash. — For decades, the conifer seedling nursery industry has fumigated soils with the chemical methyl bromide between plantings in order to control a devastating pathogen, Fusarium root rot. Because of safety and environmental concerns, methyl bromide use is increasingly restricted and expensive, and ultimately its use will be phased out. Thanks to a […]

A Better Christmas Tree and Tree Safety Tips

PUYALLUP, Wash. — What makes an ideal Christmas tree? Most of us look for things like shape, fullness and good color, but Washington State University plant pathologist Gary Chastagner has some additional criteria. “For me, the ideal Christmas tree is one that’s relatively easy to grow in this region, has natural resistance to disease and […]