Hamburger Grown in a Laboratory

It sounds like science fiction when you first hear about it, but some people see it as a way of addressing both animal welfare issues and environmental concerns. I’m talking about growing meat cells for human consumption from stem cells harvested from a cow.

WSU Scientists Help Lead $14 Million Projects Promoting Cattle Health

PULLMAN, Wash. – With an eye toward bolstering the bottom line for dairy owners and cattle producers by unlocking the genetics behind Bovine Respiratory Disease and feed efficiency, Washington State University animal scientists will play key roles in two U.S. Department of Agriculture competitive grants totaling more than $14 million.

Beef Nutrition, Stemless Cherries, Organic Ag

WSU Scientist Working to Improve Nutrients in Beef “You are what you eat” pretty well sums up research being conducted by WSU animal scientist Mark Nelson. Nelson, an associate professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, is currently investigating new ways to reduce the saturated fat content in beef by changing what cattle eat. He […]

Beef Showcase, Farmers’ Markets

WSU Showcases Science-Based Solutions for Beef Industry Nearly 100 cattle producers from around the Pacific Northwest gathered on Washington State University’s Pullman campus Oct. 22 for “Beefing up the Future”, a showcase of science-based solutions focused on enhancing the future of the beef cattle industry. “The goal is to give our stakeholders — cattle producers, […]

Apple Genome, Alternative Grains, Ag Biomass, Beefing Up the Future

Apple Cup Rivals Contribute to Apple Genome An international team of scientists from Italy, France, New Zealand, Belgium and the U.S. have published a draft sequence of the domestic apple genome in the current issue of Nature Genetics. The availability of a genome sequence for apple will allow scientists to more rapidly identify which genes […]