Agricultural Science

Circle complete: alumnus Gordon Davis receives top animal science honor, 22 years after his WSU mentor, Gary Smith

Following in his mentor’s footsteps, alumnus Gordon Davis received the American Meat Science Association’s highest honor.

Gordon Davis at Steptoe Butte

Dept of Animal Sciences, Creamery scoop up national award

Great milk from WSU’s Knott Dairy Center makes for ice cream so good it beats all comers.

“If you start with a good raw product, you end up with a quality end product,” says John Haugen, manager of the WSU Creamery.

Reduced till goes organic: Q&A with soil scientist Doug Collins

As a Small Farms Extension Specialist for Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Doug Collins finds new ways to bring the benefits of reduced tillage to the state’s growing organic agriculture industry.

Doug Collins, WSU Small Farms Educator and soil scientist, researches ways for organic farmers to access the benefits of reduced tilling.

Sponsorship powers up future ag industry leaders

As an agriculture and food business economics major, Stephanie George enjoys exploring the inner workings of farming and commerce. But even she sometimes finds the intricacies of agricultural cost-benefit analysis a little dry. Thankfully, George’s involvement in Agriculture Future of America (AFA) lets her find real-world relevance in her studies—and put them to work for […]

‘A good straw year’: Bales are in big demand in the Northwest

To bale or not to bale? That’s a question farmers face every year about wheat straw, which can be seen stacked in large quantities throughout Washington’s wheat country as harvest season ends. A secondary crop for farmers whose prime concern is grain, Northwest straw is sought after by mushroom growers, livestock owners and, increasingly, for pulp.

Wheat straw bales stand along State Route 270 near Pullman, Wash. Demand for straw was high this year in the inland Northwest. (Photo by Everett Martin)