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‘Bear butter’: In Glacier National Park, scientists study tiny moths as rich food source for grizzlies

A grizzly bear and cub forage for army cutworm moths in Glacier Park. Grizzlies eat up to 90 pounds of food every day to bulk up for winter, and the moths offer a rich source…

A bear and cub dig on a rocky slope, viewed through a spotting scope.

Research working for WSU student

Hands-on experience. In almost any career, having that line on a resume is a huge benefit. When that career is wildlife ecology, just what you get your hands on can be pretty interesting. Take Taylor Schaeffer, a senior at WSU who majoring in wildlife ecology and a volunteer at the WSU Bear Research, Education, and […]

Two people kneel on the ground. The woman is holding a bear paw that is sticking out of a portable cage.

A year in review at the WSU Bear Center

The bears will soon head off to hibernation, wrapping up another busy and educational year at the WSU Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center. Traditionally, our WSU bears begin going into hibernation around November 1. The last day they are given food is October 31, though they have been tapering off in their meals for […]

A bear hangs off the edge of a wooden play structure looking for food.

Volunteering a full-time joy

You know passion is involved when you’re willing to volunteer dozens of hours a week shoveling animal waste and slicing up fruit. It’s even more obvious when you would choose to devote more time to bear care if your schedule allowed. That’s how Kathryn Olstad feels about being a student volunteer at the WSU Bear […]

Olstad stands with her hands on her hips in a grass yard with a tree in the background.

Big data on big animals

Work at the WSU Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center goes well beyond important things like enrichment programs and energy-monitoring collars. WSU scientists are looking at the genomic level to try and determine the myriad number of ways that bears adapt to their climate. Joanna Kelley, an evolutionary geneticist and assistant professor in WSU’s School […]

Formal portrait photo of Joanna Kelley

May enrichment video

At the WSU Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center, we have an enrichment program aimed at keeping our bears physically healthy and mentally stimulated. Every month, we’ll showcase the new or different activities and physical…