‘Bear butter’: In Glacier National Park, scientists study tiny moths as rich food source for grizzlies

A grizzly bear and cub forage for army cutworm moths in Glacier Park. Grizzlies eat up to 90 pounds of food every day to bulk up for winter, and the moths offer a rich source…

A bear and cub dig on a rocky slope, viewed through a spotting scope.

WSU research bears mark the changing seasons

The bears at the WSU Bear Research,Education, and Conservation Center spent September gaining weight at a tremendous rate, up to 10 pounds or more each week, preparing for another winter and hibernation. Starting in late October, they’ll slow down their food intake to get ready for hibernation. “Once they reach their hibernation weight, we’ll slowly […]

Two pictures of the same bear viewed from the top, taken at different times of the year. The picture on the left is the bear much skinnier after waking up from hibernation.