$3M grant for Columbia basin food, energy, water needs

A team led by WSU will study how to better coordinate and manage the food, water and energy needs of the Columbia River basin and make the region more resilient to a changing climate as part of a $3 million grant cosponsored by the National Science Foundation and the USDA.

Drought, Tree Fruit, Gift

Modeling Drought Resistance to Improve Biofuel Production From the number of tomatoes in a backyard garden to the yield of wheat on commerical cropland, the availability of water significantly influences a plant’s productivity. But an equally critical factor is how a plant reacts to the available water supply. Even within the same plot, individual plants […]

Water, South America, Clore Center

Smart Vine: Grapevines Adapt to Changing Water Supply Years of intense research in the arid wine-grape growing region of eastern Washington has taught growers how plants react to various irrigation regimes. Water is such a valuable resource its known as “blue gold,” so this research has been a vital component of growers’ success in producing […]

Recharging the Battery Made of Water

It’s that time of year once again. As a geologist, I’m not thinking of the holiday season when I note this time on the calendar. What’s impressed me lately is the clear start of the annual cycle in which we benefit from a recharging of the nation’s water supply.

The Mendoza Connection, Cold Hardiness Reloaded, Raise a Glass, The Hammer Drops

Argentinean Grad Student Puts Irrigation Research to the Test When Daniela Romero heard WSU’s Markus Keller talking about irrigation during grape ripening, her curiosity was piqued. After all, applying water close to harvest time was simply not done. Keller was teaching a grape physiology course at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, deep in […]