See research for the drylands, new station members at WSU’s 105th Lind Field Day, June 15

LIND, Wash. – Washington State University invites grain producers and partners to meet the new director of Lind Dryland Research Station and learn about current science and practices for one of the nation’s driest growing regions at the 105th annual Lind Field Day, Thursday, June 15, 2023. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., with the field […]

Dryland roots: WSU Lind station looks back on century

The Washington State University Dryland Research Station will celebrate its 100th anniversary at the annual Lind Field Day on Thursday, June 11. With six faculty and staff, the Lind station is small. But as the driest state or federal dryland agriculture research facility in the United States – it averages 9.52 inches of annual precipitation – it has made many contributions to dryland farming in its first century.

Agronomist O. A. Vogel speaks to farm visitors at a Lind field day in 1942 (Manuscripts, Archives & Special Collections, WSU Libraries)