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Tag: Bees

Researchers feed, breed, protect bees to survive winter

Winter is a tough time for the world’s most important pollinator

Liquid nitrogen freezing is key to bee conservation

WSU researchers travel around Europe collecting material from honey bees to help diversify the honey bee gene pool here in the U.S.

Partnership for WSU bee research endures

When Steve Sheppard arrived at Washington State University in 1996, he had a donation already lined up without any solicitation: 100 beehives. “I got a…

WSU’s On Solid Ground- The Art of Managing Bees, Refining Renewable Gas

The Art of Managing Native Pollinators Square plastic sheets of black, white, red, and blue decorate a farm field in Walla Walla County’s Touchet Valley.…

Bees Are Buzzing on Caffeine

A friend of mine recently returned to the U.S. from deployment with the National Guard in Afghanistan. One of the first things he did when…