Administrators, Faculty, Staff: We Are All Advocates

Today, budget decisions are being made at all levels of government — federal, state and local – that will have lasting impact on our future success in CAHNRS and WSU Extension. These decisions are being made in an environment that reflects a new political reality for higher education, in general, and for CAHNRS and WSU […]

CAHNRS Budget Update V

Recent news concerning the state’s budget situation, and its impact on WSU, has not been encouraging. Several developments transpired last week, including a new preliminary state budget forecast, legislative testimony by WSU administrators, and the expected rumors and responses both within and outside WSU. Hopefully, this update will reduce some of the confusion and fill […]

Budget Update IV

As you may know, the Washington State Senate requested that WSU provide an estimate of the impacts of a 12 and 18 percent budget reduction to the university’s 2009-11 biennial budget. Last Friday, every college turned in their scenarios of how they would meet 12 and 20 percent budget reductions. Non-academic units completed the same […]