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Ag Kitchen Cabinet

CAHNRS recently established the “WSU Ag Kitchen Cabinet.” The Cabinet will provide support and advice to the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences…

The 2007 Legislative Sessions and Its Impact on CAHNRS

With the wrap-up of the 2007 legislative session, the WSU administration is busy digging through the legislation to assess what this means for the university…

Update on CAHNRS Strategic Planning Activities

For nearly a year, the CAHNRS Administration (deans, associate deans, chairs, and directors) have been involved in an exercise to “refresh” the college’s strategic plan.…

Identification of Areas of Preeminence: A Critical Activity for WSU, CAHNRS, and Departments

Over the past six months the university leadership has been engaged in an activity to identify WSU’s current “peaks” or “areas of preeminence.” You will…
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