New from Extension: Apple growing economics, weed resistance, and more

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2019 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Granny Smith Apples in Washington (TB74E). Find out if growing Granny Smith is economical for your farm: explore the physical and financial requirements of production, packing, and establishment. Written by Karina Gallardo and Suzette Galinato.

2019 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Cripps Pink Apples inWashington (TB75E). Learn about the economics, production, packing, and establishment of the Cripps Pink apple; authored by Gallardo and Gallinato.

Best Management Practices for Managing Herbicide Resistance (PNW754). Learn to manage herbicide-resistant weeds on your farm using the most effective methods. Written by Doug Finkelnburg, Judit Barroso, Ian Burke, Drew Lyon, and Joan Campbell.

Common Interchangeable Nozzles for Perennial Crop Canopy Sprayers (FS352E). With so many types and attributes, selecting the right nozzle can be daunting: this publication explains how to select the best nozzle for your situation. By Margaret McCoy, Michelle Miller, and Gwen Hoheisel.

Certificate of Appreciation – Extension (C1109). This fillable file helps WSU Extension personnel present awards to those worthy of recognition.

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