Julie M. Tarara

Best Paper (Again!), New V&E Newsletter, Clean Plants

WSU/USDA-ARS Collaboration Yields Another “Best Paper Award” For the second year in a row, WSU researchers and their USDA colleagues based at the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser have won a Best Viticulture Paper Award from the American Society for Enology and Viticulture. USDA-ARS researcher Julie M. Tarara, based at WSU’s Prosser […]

Sensory Science, Microclimates

Pucker Up for Sensory Science Volunteers tasted red wines in a study designed to correlate astrigency with tannin levels in red wine. Astringency or “mouth feel” in wine has long been attributed to the presence of tannins and other phenolic compounds. Because astringency is an at least somewhat subjective evaluation, though, scientists at WSU tested […]