disease resistance

Blueprint for plant immune response found, unlocking potential for increased disease resistance in crops

WSU researchers have discovered how plants respond to disease-causing organisms, leading the way to potential breakthroughs in breeding resistance.

Four scientists pose for a photo in a messy science lab.

On Solid Ground – Jan. 9, 2013 – Premium Beef, Disease Resistance

WSU Offers Commercial Premium Beef WSU has launched its own beef brand for sale to the public. Harvested from cattle locally born, raised and “respectfully cared for” by staff and animal-science students, WSU Premium Beef is healthy and flavorful, according to cattle operations manager Tom Cummings. “We give our cattle lots of attention,” he said. […]

A New Slice out of the Apple

I often eat without thinking, either while listening to the news or writing. It’s a poor habit for several reasons, one of which is my ever-growing waistline. But the next time you bite into an apple, I implore you to take just a moment to really savor its taste, aroma, and texture. Those characteristics vary […]