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Tropical & Dryland Biofuels, Size Matters

On the Matter of Size In the animal kingdom, huge weapons such as elk antlers or ornaments like peacock feathers are sexy. Their extreme size attracts potential mates and warns away lesser rivals. Now researchers led by scientists at the University of Montana and Washington State University have discovered a developmental mechanism they think may […]

Better Biofuels, Desert Wheat

Grant Primes Research Engines for Better Biofuels Washington State University has received a five-year, $40 million grant to help develop alternatives to petroleum-based fuels and chemicals. The award was announced Sept. 28 by U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Overcoming obstacles that prevent wood-based jet fuel and petrochemical substitutes from being economically viable is […]

Orchard-Insect Ecology, Biofuels

Entomologists Open New Frontiers to Aid Sustainable Future for Fruit Growers In response to a study that found seven years to be the average period from the finish of research to its implementation, WSU entomologist and behavioral ecologist Vince Jones shook his head. “We just don’t have that kind of time.” Jones’ urgency is based […]