Anaerobic Digestion

WSU’s On Solid Ground- The Art of Managing Bees, Refining Renewable Gas

The Art of Managing Native Pollinators Square plastic sheets of black, white, red, and blue decorate a farm field in Walla Walla County’s Touchet Valley. While some might guess it to be a exhibit by Christo, the environmental artist, it is actually an innovative experiment to influence the emergence of a native ground-nesting bee. And […]

Anaerobic Digester, Organic Ag Online, “Feeding the World”

Managing Dairy Waste for Profit Researchers from a cross section of disciplines at Washington State University, along with USDA researchers, have teamed up to work on addressing a challenging issue within the dairy industry in the state of Washington: nutrient management. Coming from the departments of animal sciences, economics, biological systems engineering and crop and […]

WSU Researchers Receive USDA Grant to “Beef-Up” Digester Co-Products

PULLMAN, Wash. — Manure. It’s ugly, it smells, and getting rid of it can be a messy problem for agricultural producers throughout the country. Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, however, researchers at Washington State University will be working to find a new way for producers to make money from it. […]