New from WSU Extension: Testing agricultural water, growing barley, food safety, and more

BarleyThe latest new and revised guides from WSU Extension support Northwest farmers, food producers, and home cooks.

Testing Agricultural Water for Fruit and Vegetable Production and Postharvest Handling (FS354E). Water is used throughout fruit and vegetable production and postharvest handling for cooling, frost protection, irrigation, washing, and more. This guide helps producers and handlers develop a plan for testing water to control and manage the associated risks, and learn best practices and FDA rules. Authored by Faith Critzer and Annette Wszelaki.

Food Safety Considerations for Postharvest Washing of Produce and Sanitation of Packing Areas, Equipment, and Tools (FS353E). Many food safety issues that occur in postharvest are linked to cross contamination and improper cleaning. Find out how your farm or packinghouse can develop a more robust sanitation program in this publication, with a focus on chlorine and peroxyacetic acid. Authored by Critze and Wszelaki.

Growing Barley in Western Washington (EM122E). Versatile and low-input, barley can be used for food, malt, or animal feed. Find out if barley could work as a rotational crop on your farm. Authored by Patrick Hayes, Brigid Meints, Jeffrey Endelman, Stephen S. Jones, Brook Brouwer, and Steven R. Lyon.

Fruit Pie Fillings for Home Canning (PNW736). Imagine using home-canned fruits in pies, pastries, parfaits, cobblers, crisps, or even as a topping for pancakes. Recipes for home-canned fruits found here. Written by Lizann Powers-Hammond, Associate Professor, Benton County Extension.

Revised publications include:

Integrated Management of Jointed Goatgrass in the Pacific Northwest (EB2042E). Jointed goatgrass is a major weed problem in most winter wheat-growing areas west of the Mississippi River. This publication discusses best management practices for the prevention and control. Authored by Joe Yenish, Daniel Ball, Roland Schirman, Judit Barroso, and Drew Lyon.

Jointed Goatgrass: Best Management Practices (BMP) Intermountain Region (EB2003E). This guide discusses management of the weed for the Intermountain region, including Utah, southern Idaho, and parts of Nevada. Authors include Michael Quinn, J. Earl Creech, Albert T. Adjesiwor, Don Morishita, Jack Evans, Ralph Whitesides, and Tony White.

Jointed Goatgrass Best Management Practices (BMP) Central Great Plains (EB2033E). This guide shares practices for western Kansas, eastern Colorado, western and southern Nebraska, and southeastern Wyoming. Written by Vipan Kumar, Doug Schmale, Randy Anderson, Drew Lyon, and Bob Klein.

Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing and Packing Gala Apples in Washington (TB18E). Explore the economic feasibility of growing Gala apples on your farm, and learn about the financial requirements for production, packing, and establishment. Authored by WSU experts Suzette Galinato and Karina Gallardo.

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