New from Extension: Community gleaning, irrigation management

Each month, experts with WSU Extension publish new guides aimed at helping Washington farmers and families succeed.

The latest free guides from the WSU Extension Online Bookstore help communities launch gleaning programs to boost food access, and inform farmers on irrigation methods that boost savings and productivity.

Pair of hands picking small fruit in a row of crops.Starting a Community Gleaning Program (FS346E). Gleaning is the act of collecting excess fresh fruits and vegetables from farms, gardens, and orchards. Communities across the U.S. use gleaning to address food insecurity and food waste. This guide helps groups and volunteers learn how to start a gleaning program. Authors include Clallam Extension Director Clea Rome, Consumer Food Safety Specialist Stephanie Smith, Kitsap Extension Director Laura Ryser, Community Health and Food Access Coordinator Karlena Brailey, and Gleaning Coordinator Sharah Truett.

Irrigation system sprays water over earthen field.Management of Traveler Gun Irrigation Systems in the Pacific Northwest (FS348E). The traveling or reel big gun irrigation system is one of the most popular forms of irrigation in Washington, watering more than 38,760 acres. This free guide shows how growers can properly manage traveling gun irrigation systems to save water and energy and increase crop productivity and profitability. Written by Skagit County Extension Irrigation Engineer Abdelmoneim Mohamed, Professor and Extension Irrigation Specialist Troy Peters, and Skagit County Extension Director Don McMoran.

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