Latest Extension guides: Irrigated agriculture, vineyard pests, and hop farming

Field irrigationThe latest new and revised guides from WSU Extension help agricultural producers understand how to improve irrigated farming in south-central Washington; manage vineyard insect pests; and learn how to establish a strong hops farm.

New publications

Overview of Irrigated Agriculture in Benton County (TB81E)

Intended for farm producers, agencies, and partners, this publication is part of a series exploring irrigation system efficiency across five Washington counties.

Irrigated agriculture in central Washington is limited by the semiarid climate and water competition. A data-based approach can help farmers optimize crop yield and farm profitability, while efficient irrigation management can help reduce water waste, save energy, and maintain healthy soil.

Authors include Sylvi Thortenson, Don McMoran, Abdelmoneim Mohamed, Kate Seymour, and R. Troy Peters.

Revised guides

Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards (PNW644), $33.

In the second edition of this 160-page guide, experts update pest management practices for established pests and provide new information on emerging pests and diseases.

To produce high-quality wine and juice grapes, effective pest management is essential. The heart of the guide describes individual pests and disorders including insects, diseases, nematodes, and weeds, and share recommendations for management.

Hop bud2020 Estimated Costs of Establishing and Producing Conventional and Organic Hops in the Pacific Northwest

One of the key ingredients in beer, hops are grown commercially in the Pacific Northwest, the hub of U.S. production. Authored by economist Suzette Galinato, this study is a general guide for evaluating the feasibility of establishing and producing conventional and organic hops in the Pacific Northwest, with a capital and machinery endowment suited to a 660-acre hop farm.

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