Keep your lawn green, bring community to the farm with new WSU Extension guides

Farm Walk
A Farm Walk in action.

The latest new guides from WSU Extension explain how to hold a Farm Walk, and help Washington homeowners save water while maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

Revised guides offer detailed crop protection and pest management advice for tree fruit and grape growers.

The WSU Extension bookstore offers a searchable library of knowledge on agriculture, 4-H, natural resources, 4-H, family and home, apparel design, and more.

New publications include:

Learning Agroecology on the Land: Holding a Farm Walk (FS371E)

WSU Extension worked with the Tilth Producers of Washington to launch a series of interactive farmer-to-farmer workshops, called “Farm Walks,” on the state’s leading organic farms. After 15 years and more than 150 Farm Walks, experts draw on evaluations and organizers’ experiences to develop guidelines and share insights with others who may want to offer these programs. Authors include Anne Schwartz, Katherine Smith, Doug Collins, and Marcia Ostrom.

Manage Water by Adjusting Lawn Sprinkler Run Time: Instructions for the Columbia Basin of Washington State (FS372E)

Irrigating to maintain a lawn while also reducing water use is a challenging task. Compared to a uniform farm field, lawns are often a mixture of grass, shrubs, and trees, with shaded and sunny areas that vary by season, slopes, and soil types—all of which affect the water that plants need. Seasonal adjustments with an automatic controller will save money on water bills, maintain your lawn, and conserve water; easy-to-follow steps are included. Authored by WSU Extension Agronomist Andy McGuire.

Revised editions

Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington (EB0762)

This newly revised guide covers control of diseases, insects, weeds, and vertebrate pests on commercial grapes. Weed controls are outlined for new and established plantings, while disease and insect controls are coordinated to pest and crop stage. Authored by WSU/Extension, WSDA, and USDA scientists; section coordinators include Rachel Bomberger, Wendy Sue Wheeler, Tim Miller, Doug Walsh, Gwen Hoheisel, Inga Zasada, Michelle Moyer, Naidu Rayapati, and Prashant Swamy. Cost is $9.50.


Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington (EB0419)

Revised for 2022, this publication outlines examples of pesticides registered on orchard insect, disease, and weed pests in Washington state, and includes efficacy charts. Cost is $21.50.


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