University of Washington

Rural youths who drink heavily are more likely to carry a handgun

In the rural U.S., young people who drink heavily are more likely to carry a handgun, according to a recent study by researchers at WSU and other universities.

A handgun lies next to several bullets and a glass with brown liquid and ice on a wooden table.

Community prevention systems can reduce gun violence among youth in rural areas

Firearm injury is the primary cause of death for U.S. children and adolescents. WSU, the University of Washington, and Arizona State University have partnered to examine how early prevention systems in communities can change that sobering statistic.

A red barn with an American flag, surrounded by open fields.

Help optimize ag productivity, prevent heat-related illness and injury

AgWeatherNet and the University of Washington are partnering to develop a new heat awareness and alert system to help agricultural workplaces prepare for heat waves like we’ve seen recently. Advance notice of extremely hot days will help prioritize work activities so workers stay healthy and productive and crop loss is avoided. If you would like to participate in developing the system or have questions, please contact Jen Krenz at or 206-616-4213.