Sailing Through Stunning Landscapes for Science

Each year at this time thousands of tourists embark on cruises along Alaska stunning coastal waters. If they are lucky, the tourists experience dry weather, relatively calm seas, and breathtaking vistas. In some places the ships can get up close and personal to dramatic scenes of glaciers “calving” ice that breaks off and falls into […]

The Smoking Gun

As any child can tell you, the Mesozoic Era ends with the extinction of the dinosaurs. Most geologists think the cause of that extinction was the impact of an enormous meteorite that hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. As the theory goes, the impact was so large it led to global changes in the composition […]

Sometimes Mother Nature Doubles Down on Death

Not too long ago I rewrote my will, bringing it up to date. There’s nothing like tackling a project like that to remind me of my mortality. But imagine not just your own individual death, but the finality of the death of all members of your species – that’s the idea behind what geologists and […]

WSU Press Book Compiles Best of Nationally Syndicated ‘Rock Doc’ Columns; Signing April 14

PULLMAN, Wash.—In 2004, E. Kirsten Peters, a geologist-turned-newspaper-reporter in Pullman, started writing a monthly column on local rocks and fossils, pulling from her extensive field experience in the area. Today that column has grown in scope and become the nationally syndicated “Rock Doc” columns, distributed twice per month to more than 100 newspapers across the […]

The Right Time to Sell

With the price of gold over $1,000 per troy ounce, people have asked me if they should sell Great Aunt Edna’s rings and bracelets. Is the price of gold going to go up more based on fears of economic troubles?